Seven ‘hidden benefits’ of GST, according to Economic Survey II

The second part of Economic Survey, which was tabled in Parliament on Aug 11, 2017, has observed a rekindled optimism on reforms in the Indian economy. Drafted by Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian, the survey says optimism about the medium-term prospects for the Indian economy has been engendered by a number of structural reform actions... Continue Reading →


Statistics through Dance

  Boring lectures are the bane of every subject. Especially scientific subjects like statistics that require great amount of attention. In such scenarios, people always try to bring out interesting ways of explaining concepts. But to explain basic concepts through dance?     Dancing statistics is a series of 4 short videos that demonstrate fundamental... Continue Reading →

Life of a Statistician

"Why did you become a statistician? Because I found accounting too exciting…." Aleph Sample never gets tired of hearing Uncle Sherwin tell that joke. Every Sunday. At his mother's weekly dinner. Nope—it never grows old; Aleph is sure it will be carved on his tombstone so he's learned to accept it as a fact of... Continue Reading →

Not Just an Image..

Next time when someone sends you a photo of a cute cat then be careful before you click on the image to view — it might hack your machine. Yes, you read right. Normal looking pictures can hack you machine— thanks to a technique discovered by security researcher Saumil Shah from India. Dubbed "Stegosploit," the technique lets... Continue Reading →

Statistics made easy!

Oh no! Took a sick leave and now everything in class sounds Greek and Latin! All the continuity is lost! Shouldn't have bunked those classes for didi's(sister's) wedding! Now will I clear the paper? I'd a doubt in the previous theorem, but is it a very silly doubt?? If any of these thoughts have crossed... Continue Reading →

Most Bizarre Survey Finds…

1 in 4 Americans think God helps decide the outcome of football games                 The survey, conducted on January of 2013 by the Public Religion Research Institute, consisted of random telephone interviews with 1,033 subjects. More than half of those surveyed also believe that God rewards athletes who... Continue Reading →

The Deadly Blue Whale Challenge!!

What Is The Blue Whale Game? This online diversion called The Blue Whale Game is far from just a game. It is an online suicide game which involves a series of 50 bizarre tasks, including self-injury, and eventually suicide at the end of day 50! Shockingly, this 'fad' is actually finding takers among young, impressionable... Continue Reading →

In a world of paradoxes

What is a paradox? A seemingly absurd or contradictory statement which when investigated my prove to be true. For instance, consider the statement 'Less is more'. How can less be more?! The concept here is that, what is less complicated is usually more appreciated. The friendship paradox This phenomenon was first observed by sociologist Scott F... Continue Reading →

Statistics- Scary Or Fun?

A few days ago, I came across an extremely interesting article. A statistics professor commented on how she had heard people cringing at the mention of statistics and wanted opinions on why people "feared" the subject and ideas that could help her make statistics enjoyable for her students.Some of the common answers were that lack... Continue Reading →

Facts and Figures in the Field of Sports

A college degree with physical education, journalism or maybe sports management as a major, would definitely fetch one, a job in the sports industry. But what if you're an extremely passionate sports enthusiast and your majors include statistics, math, economics or computer science? Your knowledge would still be very much valuable in the sports industry;... Continue Reading →

A Method To Evaluate Teachers!

In the world of scholarly statisticians consisting of  Fisher,Bayes,Gosset and many more, the name William Sanders does not ring a bell, even for some of those in the statistical field. Well, even a simple Google search lists him third, after a writer and basketball player of the same name. Nevertheless, his contribution to the American education system... Continue Reading →

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