The Deadly Blue Whale Challenge!!

What Is The Blue Whale Game? This online diversion called The Blue Whale Game is far from just a game. It is an online suicide game which involves a series of 50 bizarre tasks, including self-injury, and eventually suicide at the end of day 50! Shockingly, this 'fad' is actually finding takers among young, impressionable... Continue Reading →

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In a world of paradoxes

What is a paradox? A seemingly absurd or contradictory statement which when investigated my prove to be true. For instance, consider the statement 'Less is more'. How can less be more?! The concept here is that, what is less complicated is usually more appreciated. The friendship paradox This phenomenon was first observed by sociologist Scott F... Continue Reading →

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Statistics- Scary Or Fun?

A few days ago, I came across an extremely interesting article. A statistics professor commented on how she had heard people cringing at the mention of statistics and wanted opinions on why people "feared" the subject and ideas that could help her make statistics enjoyable for her students.Some of the common answers were that lack... Continue Reading →

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Facts and Figures in the Field of Sports

A college degree with physical education, journalism or maybe sports management as a major, would definitely fetch one, a job in the sports industry. But what if you're an extremely passionate sports enthusiast and your majors include statistics, math, economics or computer science? Your knowledge would still be very much valuable in the sports industry;... Continue Reading →

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A Method To Evaluate Teachers!

In the world of scholarly statisticians consisting of  Fisher,Bayes,Gosset and many more, the name William Sanders does not ring a bell, even for some of those in the statistical field. Well, even a simple Google search lists him third, after a writer and basketball player of the same name. Nevertheless, his contribution to the American education system... Continue Reading →

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Dicing with Death: Chance, Risk, and Health

Statistics is the essential foundation for science-based medicine.  Unfortunately, it’s a confusing subject that invites errors and misunderstandings.  Non-statisticians could all benefit from learning more about statistics as well as trying to get a better understanding of just how much we don’t know. Most of us are not going to read a statistics textbook, but the... Continue Reading →

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Of Tampered Results and Cyber Security

It was the first week of June 2013 and the name Debarghya Das was all over the news. Be it digital,print or electronic media, Debarghya Das was the news. The reason? An Indian origin student, and a Cornell university graduate, Das, had hacked into the CISCE website and had single-handedly procured the results of around 1,50,000 ICSE... Continue Reading →

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The “Statistics” of Anecdotes!

  An anecdote is a statistic with a sample size of one. OK, maybe a sample size of a small group of your closest friends and fellow travelers.     Consider this. Suppose you see a hair product advertisement and they tell you that 75% of the females who used this confirmed the product worked... Continue Reading →

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Using statistics ethically to combat ‘a scientific credibility crisis’

Can statistics increase the value of science to society? Georgetown University's Rochelle Tractenberg, PhD, MPH, PhD, chair of the Committee on Professional Ethics of the American Statistical Association, will discuss "Promoting Ethical Science and Policy With Ethical Statistical Practice" on a panel presenting three disciplinary perspectives on Sunday, February 19, from 8:00 am to 9:30... Continue Reading →

DNA-evidence needs statistical back-up

DNA-evidence is often believed to be a damning evidence, which leaves no space for uncertainty. In reality it is very difficult to say to what degree some piece of evidence can support a case against a crime suspect. That's why forensic experts need statistical models to give weight to DNA-evidence. PhD-candidate Giulia Cereda developed new... Continue Reading →

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