Let’s discuss and grow!

2 year statistics students of Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, interact in weekly sessions​ as they share ideas and lean about scholarships, internships, future education and much more….

A) Studying Abroad

On June 29th 2017, Statistics alumni Madhuri Prabhakar and Madhurima Biswas who are set to go abroad for pursuing their academics, met the students and shared views on the opportunities available abroad.

B) Scholarships and summer internships

On 6th July 2017,  one of the students Rashmi Raghunathan spoke about the various scholarships and internships currently available that help students gain experience​.

 C) Masters in India

On 14th July 2017, Anvi Kaushik, a student of 2nd year EMS spoke about all the reputed colleges in India which provide Masters in Statistics,Mathematics,Computer Science and Economics and on how to prepare for the entrance exams of these colleges.

 D) Session 4 – Normal Distribution

The fourth session of ‘Discuss and Grow’ was headed by Dr.Lakshmi S K, the HOD, Department of Statistics, Mount Carmel College. The participants were shown a video on the normal distribution, which gave them an insight into the logic and concepts of normal distribution. Towards the end of the discussion, a quiz was conducted, where the students learnt a few tips and tricks to solve normal distribution questions without using  normal tables.

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