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          Mount Carmel College has a lot of activities lined up for statistics students..Be it quiz, discussion or presentation.. We have it all!! Check out

Events happened so far…

JUNE 2017


Final year statistics students were taken to National Sample Survey Office(NSSO) on 29th June 2017. An unforgettable experience as we gained insight into the techniques of sampling and participate in competitions.







MCC Statistics department celebrated National Statistics Day. The Statistics Department secretaries put up a small presentation for everyone and in the end had a short quiz about statistics.


3. BATTLE OF WITS!!(29th and 30th June 2017)

MCC FRESHER’S WEEK! First Years’ knowledge is put to test as they engage in the FRESHER’S WEEK statistics events..

JULY 2017

4.FOUNDER’S DAY(27th July 2017)

MCC was graced by the presence of  His Highness Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar , the 27th and present Maharaja of Mysore on the occasion of its 69th Founder’s Day.



Students were given an opportunity to interact with him and find out more about the shared heritage of Mysore and Bangalore. In the photo below he can be seen with the MCC student union and the welfare officers.

5. THINK OUT OF THE BOX(21st July 2017)

Students from different combinations and years who came in to participate for our event ‘Potpourri’ during this year’s Cul-week had a great time. In the pictures below, they are seen thinking out of the box in their effort to win the competition. The winners were awarded certificates and received vouchers from Drunken Monkey!

Picture credits : Keerthana Hegde, Oh Snap

6. TALK BY SHASHI THAROOR(22nd July 2017)

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Mount Carmel College hosted a talk on “Colonialism has left our shores, but not our imaginations: Where are we heading?” by Dr.Shashi Tharoor.

The event was organised by Departments of Journalism and Political Science, in association with Explore Karnataka Foundation. In the session, where he interacted with the students, he also spoke about trending topics such as – whether having a state flag is necessary and should Hindi be made the national language.

7.ANVESHA(29th July 2017)

Manipal University hosted the fest ‘Anvesha 2017’. Mount Carmel was one of the four colleges that participated in the fest. Events such as quiz, potpourri, extempore and report discussion were the highlights of the fest.

(From top left): Dipti Maharia, Thejaswini Chandran,Manjusha  B George, Shweta R, Shristi Gope,Shethwala Rahat, Afrose Ahamed Fathima , Pujitha Shiju participated in ANVESHA 2017. They were accompanied by Professors Ambika and Srishti.



Dipti Maharia And Shristhi Gope bagged the I prize in both Report presentation and Potpourri.


Manjusha George won the second prize in Extempore.



The participants received participation certificates. It was a great experience for both students and teachers.




8. PREPARATION FOR AUTONOMY REVIEW(2nd and 3rd August 2017)

MCC prepares for the autonomy review. The autonomy board conducts a review once in every four years. The review is to check whether the college is handling the autonomy adequately. Statistics department created charts to show the various events conducted over the term.


Secretaries At Work!
(From left) Statistics secretaries: Shetwala Rahat, Pujitha Shiju, and Dipti Maharia

9.Independence day celebration at MCC! (14th August 2017)

Independence day was celebrated with pomp and fervour, with the various cultural associations putting up a great show! The traditional dance form ‘Puje Kunitha’ was showcased in the amphitheater which helped the students to understand the local culture. The day also doubled up as ethnic day, and the campus looked bright and beautiful with the girls in ethnic wear!



10. Teacher’s Day Celebration

On the 5th of September, MCC celebrated the reason behind every students’ success, their teachers. There were multiple programs dedicated to the teachers which included, a medley by the Kannada Sangha, a group performance by the Western Dance Association and the Indian Music Association etc. Teachers who were involved in research programmes (both UGC and college sponsored) were awarded certificates by the Principal Dr. Sr Arpana.

The Student Union organised many games for teachers; many teachers participated and won prizes.

11. Inference-2017

Few students, from the department of Statistics took part in Inference-2017, conducted by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Arundhati Verma and Tarnika Chaurasia made us proud by winning second price in Stock Market Event and Green Screen respectively.

12. Exploring the power of MS-EXCEL

The department of Statistics conducted a two day faculty development programme-‘Exploring the power of MS-EXCEL’ for the faculty from the other departments of the college. The workshop had 50 participants.

13. “Sharpen your MS-EXCEL skills.” (10th November 2017)

The department of Statistics conducted a one day workshop for the administrative and library staff of Mount Carmel College. It focused on how to use MS-Excel effectively in administration. It was a humble means by which the department of Statistics imparted the knowledge they have in MS-Excel to the staff. The workshop had 20 participants.


14. R Workshop (25/11/2017 and 1/12/2017)

A two days R workshop was conducted by the department of Statistics on the 25/11/2017 and 1/12/2017 .  Topics covered:

  • Introduction to R programming language (Basics about R, Installing R software etc)
  • Different objects in R (Scalars, Vectors, Matrices, etc)

There were about 25 participants.


15. Talk by Mrs. Geetanjali R. Vijaya (6th November 2017)

One of our alumni, Mrs. Geetanjali R. Vijaya met the students and shared her experience in the professional field.  Her 8 years of experience in the corporate world helped her explain how life out of college will be. She touched on topics like steps to be thought of before pursuing actuarial science, life in the U.S. , universities that provide courses in actuarial science, Statistics etc, importance of tools like SAS, R etc, importance of being confident and minimizing self doubt etc. Most importantly, she helped us realize, hard work is indeed the key to success.

Although she had years of experience in her hand to boast about, she remained humble and open throughout the talk. She is an inspiration to all of us.

16. Cul-Ah- 2017!!!!!!!(7th, 8th and 9th December)

The national level cultural extravaganza of Mount Carmel College-Cul-Ah! was held on 7th, 8th and 9th of December 2017. It was inaugurated by the famed Kannada actress Malashree and upcoming actor Thilak.

Popularly known as the queen of fests, Cul-Ah attracted thousands of youngsters from all over the country. The fest saw an overflow of talents in all fields. The highlights of the fest were the pro nights which had an amazing line-up of artists ranging from comedians to DJs and the fashion show by the MCC fashion team. The overall trophy was won for the third time in a row by CMS-Jain University.

17. Royally Statistics(9th December 2017)

As a part of Cul-ah, the Department of Statistics and Analytics organized a fun filled event, Royally Statistics. About 9 teams from various colleges participated from which St Joseph Commerce College took the 1st place.

18. Interactive Session- Prathibimb Aakrithi(14th December 2017)

As a part of Science Fest the Department of Statistics and Analytics organized an interactive session by Mrs Lakshmi Pawar(Senior Data Scientist, Mindtree Ltd.) and Mr. Avinash Ambadas(Senior Software Engineer, Mindtree Ltd). They spoke about the application of Statistics and Analytics in CPG/FMCG Industry. They covered topics such as, supply chain, analysis on promotions, questions asked by decision makers, social media analytics, customer insights etc

The talk was very interesting and informative and gave the audience an industrial perspective.

19. Interactive Session-Ms. Divya Nagarajan(19th December 2017)

“What to do next?”, “Should I study or work?”, “If I decide to study, where should I study?”, are a few questions that will be running in a student’s mind all the time. Sometimes browsing about all the available options might just not be enough. As a solution to many of our doubts, the Department of Statistics and Analytics organized yet another interactive session with Ms. Divya Nagarajan.

Ms. Divya Nagarajan works as a senior manager in Citibank and is also an alumnus of the Department. Having knowledge on how both the educational and professional sectors work, she directed the students in to the various fields that could be pursued after their undergraduate courses. It was a pleasure to have her.

20. KHEL-2018

The annual sports fest of Mount Carmel College, KHEL was held from the 6th of January to the 12th of January. Participants from various colleges took part in a whole lot of events that were organised. After a week of hard work and competition, the winners for a few events are

a. Football(Girls)-Christ College

b. Volleyball(Girls)-BMS College

c. Volleyball(Boys)-Jain College

d. Basketball(Boys and Girls)-Jain College

21. Final year Statistics project presentation.(Phase 1)

The 1st batch of students of final year Bsc CMS and EMS had their Statistics project presentation on the 13th of January. The event was witnessed by the special guests Ms.Suma and Ms.Manjula both of who are former lecturers from the department.It also saw the attendance of juniors namely, students of 2nd and 1st year CMS-EMS. The presenting groups had chosen a wide range topics relevant to this era, like,

  • Impact of Jio
  • Popularity of clothes shopping online
  • The public’s willingness to shift to electric vehicles
  • ebooks Vs physical books

The guests for the day, expressed their delight through positive comments and feedback which in turn encouraged the teams.

22. Community Development Program


The students of final year B.Sc CMS and EMS got the opportunity to participate in a Community Development Program organised by the Department of Statistics and Analytics as a part of our curriculum to, Bosco Vatsalya Bhavan. As the privileged group of the society we often ignore the other side of the fence. We forget to think about the life of those who do not have what we take for granted. Being a part of this program gave us a glimpse the world of underprivileged children. We contributed a little from the education we get by teaching them subjects like English, Mathematics and General Knowledge. We also spoke to them about various topics related to physical and mental health. We played a few videos in order to help them understand the topics better. It was a blessing for us and hopefully for them too.



More events to come……Stay tuned! 


Citibank is the consumer division of financial services multilingual Citigroup. Officials from CITI visited MCC and put forth an opportunity for PG students as well as UG final year students to work with them. An orientation was organized where they enlightened students about themselves and the various programs they have arranged .


(July 29th 2018)

The Ministry Of Statistics And Programme Implementation organized the National Statistics Day at the National Sample Survey Office. The aim of this celebration was to bring about an awareness of contribution towards Official Statistics laid by P C Mahalanobis and also in remembrance of his 125th birthday anniversary.

Statistics claim to be the backbone of any management because of its applications in every fields. In  order to implement this claim , session were conducted in order to reach the depth of it’s importance .

Competitions  like  cross-word and quiz were organized in accordance with knowledge sharing . As always  , Carmelites kept up their essence of championship by bagging various prizes. This  day enhance the significance of statistics and it’s applications  used in every fields .




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