Statistics- Scary Or Fun?

A few days ago, I came across an extremely interesting article. A statistics professor commented on how she had heard people cringing at the mention of statistics and wanted opinions on why people “feared” the subject and ideas that could help her make statistics enjoyable for her students.Some of the common answers were that lack of adequate teaching, the theoretical part of statistics discouraged students from learning.

As a student of statistics, there are times when many I have met seem to wonder how do I study such a “dry” subject. Many often prefer to avoid the subject yet do not realize that they inadvertently end up using statistics in their lives. Be it election exit polls or aggregate test scores, quality control reviews or weather forecasts, all these need basic statistical knowledge.Sadly people aren’t exactly aware of this. And despite its utility , Statistics is not exactly a favorite among many.  One reason I feel is that people are scared of Statistics because mathematical knowledge is implemented in it. So for those who consider Mathematics to be their “Achilles’heel”, Statistics just seems to be a nightmare for them. Another reason could be their inability to develop an interest in the subject despite serious efforts.I have heard many people complaining how they feel statistics is slightly manipulative and is terribly confusing; they often forget concepts. It’s dull and tedious.

In my personal experience, logic and computing has always fascinated me. Humans can never function without data. But what do you do with the data once you obtain it? How do you process the data? How do you analyze and draw conclusions from the data you have? Well ,in steps Statistics to the rescue! Statistics is very helpful in determining between options, and by calibrating what tasks you are doing, how much time you are spending in them, and how you are operating, you can optimize.Any field be it arts,science,politics or education, Statistics has an extremely vital role in it. What one must understand is that not everything in Statistics is not just about maths. While a strong foundation in basic maths is needed to study statistics, one must also possess an inquisitive and analytical mind. The curiosity to study and understand the characteristics of a population or an individual, is what drives one to seek answers. Often students may not be able to do this on their own. This is where teachers come into the picture. Allowing students to be able to relate the use of statistical tools and analytical knowledge to the surroundings around them will help them develop a passion for the subject.  Interesting videos and presentations may come in handy during lessons. This drives away the notion that statistics is scary and tough to deal with. Khan’s academy has some really good videos about basic statistics.

So statistics may seem scary but don’t panic! It is an extremely interesting subject that can keep you hooked. All you need is a clear mind and a thirst for finding solutions.





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