Facts and Figures in the Field of Sports

A college degree with physical education, journalism or maybe sports management as a major, would definitely fetch one, a job in the sports industry.

But what if you’re an extremely passionate sports enthusiast and your majors include statistics, math, economics or computer science? Your knowledge would still be very much valuable in the sports industry; so much so that, there is a special term for people who specialise in statistics about baseball – ‘Sabermetricians’!

Be it to rate a player, or to analyse the opponent’s past performances, the role of statistics is crucial. In an informative video,(the link to which, is given below) Riley Foreman, Data Scientist at ESPN, roughly takes us through her typical day at work. The workplace, which looks like a digitalized sports stadium, consists of people looking at matches, recording stats in real time! Also, she introduces us to a system called Home run tracker,  which when inputted with data like temperature, height at which the shot was hit etc, calculates the distance of a home run, in a baseball game!

If your dream job is one that requires the knowledge of statistics, without giving up on your interest for sports, then a ‘sports statistician’ is what you want to be!

Link to the video




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