Demonetisation – Curse or Boon?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking to know the pulse of the public through a short survey on demonetisation available on the Narendra Modi phone app. He tweeted out urging people to participate in the survey and rate the demonetisation policy. The survey poses 10 questions with some yes or no answers, some detailed answers and some interactive answers.modi-app-759

An article on it said the sample size of the poll was 10.20 lakh spread across 684 of 687 districts of the country, making it the “first” such exercise on a “policy or a political issue”.

While giving statistics of the survey, the article said the Prime Minister had decided to personally respond to the “vast majority” who supported his move as also those who voted against the move.

Each response was read and analyzed and the comments and suggestions were bucketed under two broad categories — Suggestions and Issues, it said.

These were then forwarded to the Union Ministry of Finance and NITI Ayog which used them as an important input in framing their policy tweaks and responses and the communication outreach respectively, it said.

“The sample size of the survey is 10.20 lakhs. Such a large sample size on a policy or a political issue a first in India,” the article said.

Responses have been received from 684 districts of India (out of total 687). Each of the 36 states and Union Territories have been represented. In terms of width and scale, this is a staggering response

On the overall fight against corruption, more than 92 per cent of respondents either rated the government as ‘very good’ or ‘good’ while 57 per cent of them rate the fight as ‘very good’, the result on the App had said.

It said the survey was open for anyone to take and there was no entry barrier.

The statistics were released against the backdrop of questions raised by the Opposition over the veracity and extent of the survey launched on November 22.

Next day, it was stated on the App that in just over 24 hours of the survey, more than 5 lakh people have participated and expressed their opinion.

More than 93 per cent people supported the move to demonetize the old 500 and  and 1000 rupee notes and only 2 per cent have rated the move as ‘very poor’ or ‘one star’, the survey result had said.

More than 90 per cent of the respondents felt the government’s move to tackle black money was above four-star rating, the survey result had said. 73 per cent of them give it five-star rating of ‘brilliant’, it had added.

It added that “This survey was in spirit with his consistent belief in participative governance.”


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  1. The best part of all these exercises is that he is at least TRYING TO DO SOMETHING !! We do not doubt his sincerity at all. But whether these things work at all in a country with a decayed moral fabric is what is to be seen.


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