Responses to the Sample Survey on Unreported Residential Fires

Table 2-5 provides the actual number of survey fire households.


As shown in the table, there were 916 actual fire households in the survey compared with a projected 1,810 fire households from the survey design. That projection, as noted previously, was based on a fire incidence rate of 2.36 fires per 100 households in a three-month period (approximately 9.5 fires per 100 households per year) developed on the basis of the 1984 survey. The projection was about twice as high as what was found in the data, resulting in an actual sample of fire households that was about half that projected.



Table 2-6 shows that the sample met the survey design projections in percentage terms by the race and ethnicity breakdowns, except that there were fewer households headed by Asian Americans than expected.



The sample of fire households was about half the number expected. This was because the planning factor for fire households assumed 2.86 fires per 100 households, whereas in fact, there were about half as many households with fires. The smaller number of fire households signaled that the household fire rate had dropped substantially.



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